Between the Lines was a dance- drawing project by Dutch artist Noella Roos with two different artists—contrabass player Fendy Risk (Java) and dancer Ari Rudenko (US).

Between the Lines shows how Noel expresses sensuality, life and emotion between lines of her drawings. Dance, music and drawing are three different lines joining in one work of art. The drawer could not make these drawings without having contact with the dancer and musician.

The three of us work together over a couple of hours towards a trance-like state. When the Taksu or inner energy becomes free we all experience the ego vanishing and a trance takes over, and we all work on the same energy.

The musician after a four-hour session said ‘I draw and dance today. If I play softer you both work softer, if I play louder, you both work more expressively’.
Between the Lines is an art project about the language that is not written, but simply expressed.